Printing Technology

Sublimation Printing is a very good printing technology that can print on many products. The print quality is awesome and permanent. Other technologies available for T-Shirt Printing are Screen Printing and DTG.

Fabric Type

There are two fabric types suitable for Sublimation Printing, and that is:- Lycra and Poly Cotton. Lycra is also known as Dry Fit. It is good for Summers because it is breathable which helps sweat evaporate easily without getting wet itself.

Options & Pricing

We give you many options with different pricing in all our product categories. Like the most affordable T-Shirt with print will cost you Rs. 200/- and Mugs also starts at Rs. 200 with free delivery all over India. Pricing List: Check prices of all our products.

Our Motto

Life is all about thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If people are able to express their feelings and passion with our little products, then it satisfies our Motto. Express it, don't suppress it.