Logo Printing on Shirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies


Couriered T-Shirts for Doctor Digital

The logo represents your business, it is your business identity. Printed T-Shirts, Shirts, or Hoodies can help increase your business presence. It marks your staff and gives indirect free publicity.

Suppose you are running a coaching center, and your students wear a T-Shirt with the logo and name of your coaching center, would it not help in marketing? You can buy customized t-shirts for your business for as low as Rs. 200 (non-collar) to Rs. 250 (collar).

Our customers are mostly Event Organizers, College-School Students, Business Owners, and Service Providers.

Not just Logo, we can print your contact number, website name, email id, name of the person wearing the T-Shirt, etc.

Customized Tees for sweet shop – Halwaai

Printing technology we use

We use Sublimation Printing for Polyester and Poly-cotton fabric. Vinyl, DTG for dark and cotton fabric. Printing Technology and print size determines the cost of the final product.

Multi-color Polo T-Shirts printed for Divine Touch Physiotherapist

Fabric Type

Our printing technology supports all fabric types, so you need not worry. We are comfortable with almost all fabric types that we generally wear.

Cost of Logo Printing

We provide printed T-Shirts at starting price of Rs. 200 only. So, as you can see our cost is quite low, the price increases depending on the color of the fabric you choose, whether the T-Shirt is round-neck or Polo, and what technology supports the print. Customized Hoodies are suitable for the winter season.

Printed this Hoodie at Rs. 450

All India Delivery

We provide delivery services all over India. So, it doesn’t matter what your location is, if you need our service, we are here for you.


You can Call / WhatsApp us at 87654-82671.

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